Whipsmart – Branding & Identity

Filmworks Washington approached me to develop a brand for a new organization they are creating. It’s goal is to make Washington State ‘a global destination for creative thinking and innovation’. As advocates for creative people, the organization combines story-telling about the value creativity brings to the economy, with practical support and services to help creatives make a sustainable living.

The Approach

I took the leadership team, and the Board, through a branding process to uncover their vision, purpose, values, and attributes which culminated in a brand positioning document. This provided them with the language to build support, get funding, develop partners, and introduce this new, vital organization into the community.

My remit included coming up with a name for the organization, and an identity to be rolled out across all their print and digital applications.

The Results

It’s still early days for Whipsmart, but the organization continues to establish itself, and gain the support from the government, businesses, creatives, and policy-makers in Washington, who are an essential part of Whipsmart’s success.

Identity Guidelines

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